Cast Auditions

General Information

We are looking for skaters for lead and step out roles to audition by January 31st

Any skater selected for a lead role will be expected to compose their own show number to the music provided to them, as well as be available for a few Canskate classes to interact with their group as required.

The selected skaters will be responsible for the cost of their costumes (we are ordering from knights and will be around $75 each)

Ice and off ice times will be held thru March, dates and times to be determined, but some will coincide with our Canskate and group programs.

Attendance is mandatory for all rehearsals, and we will do our best to set up a conflict free ice time to your regular ice times to learn the transitions as needed.

Applications must be sent to Jaime-Lyn at

Requirements for a Lead Role

  • A 30 second to 1 minute video of skating showcasing performance ability.  (include min of 2 jumps, 1 spin and a choreo/performance type sequence)
  • A skating resume including your accomplishments on ice, along with a copy of your Personal Best competition this past season.
  • Why you feel you would be the best choice for the role you are auditioning for. You may audition for more than one role if you like, please just note the roles you are interested in!

Lead Roles

  • Ariel (sea): Female Lead role. technical points min of 20
  • Ariel (Sand): Female Lead Role. technical points min of 20
  • Eric: Male Lead role. technical points of 20
  • Ursula (sea): Female Lead roleTechnical points min 20
  • Ursula (Sand): Female Lead role. Technical points min 20

Non Gender Specific Step Out Roles

  • Sebastian: Step out role. Technical points min 17
  • Chef: Step out role. Technical points min 15
  • Flounder: step out role Technical points min 10
  • Scuttle:  step out role Technical points min 10
  • Floatsam and Jetsam: Pair/Duet. Tech points min 17
  • Ariels’ sisters: 15 tech points min. 7 roles as step out and short group number.

Chorus Number Sign-Up

Calaltas annual Ice show will take place on April 7th 2017 at Winpsort Arenas at 6:30pm. This years’ production is “Sea to Sand” a Mermaid Tale.

We are looking for skaters for chorus numbers at this time. Open to both Competitive and StarSkate. Groups will be designated based on skating level and number of registrants.

(this does not apply to anyone in Jr Prep, HP, Jr or Groupstar or Intro to Figure Skating. You are already in the show!)

In order to participate we ask that you sign up on our Uplifter site under products/subscriptions. After you have paid for your costume, you can proceed to the link to Wufoo to enter your costume measurements.

The cost of participation is $105 (including GST)  and will include a costume, ice time and choreography of the group numbers.

Ice and off ice  times will be held thru March, dates and times to be determined.

Attendance is mandatory for all rehearsals.

Skaters for the Chorus numbers must note their current competitive or test level on the Wufoo form.

Please contact Jaime-Lyn at with any questions you may have!

We hope you will join us on our ocean adventure!