Costumes and Makeup


If you do not have your costume please visit the office at Jimmy Condon Arena! You need to arrive in your costume on show day!

CanSkate Groups

Shark attack
Wed 5:30 and 6:15 CanSkate

Girls and boys wear black bottoms.

Girls can wear black flared skirts or tutus if they have one and want to wear it.

Make up optional, hair style optional for photos as may have hoods up

Sailing the sea
Fri 6:15 CanSkate

Boys wear navy or black bottoms.

Make up optional, hairstyle in high ponytail as ribbons will be provided at picture day, and will be taped on helmets at show

Underwater Kingdom
Sat 9:30 and 10:15 CanSkate

Any costumes not including leggings please wear black bottoms.

Make up optional, hair in single braid hair as pieces will be provided at pictures. These will need to be taped on helmet for show.

Girls wear beige tights, boys wear black pants.

Fish Fry
Sat 4:15 CanSkate

Boys wear black pants

Make up optional, hair tied back in high pony tail for photos as hair pieces will be provided. These will need to be taped on helmet for show.

Group Programs

Ocean Serenade
Intro to Figure Skating

Beige tights

Hair in bun on top of head (ballerina bun)

Ursula Rules the Sea
Group and Jr STARSkate

Black nylons or tights.

Hair in half ponytail and curled, waved or crimped.

Black liner and mascara for eyes, smokey grey or black eyeshadow. dark plum or burgundy lipstick, brown or plum blush

Mermaid party
Jr Prep and HP 

Hair curled and tied back in a half ponytail.

Pink blush, hot pink lipstick, black mascara and liner on top lid, neutral eyeshadow

Jr Prep and HP

Black leggings or tights

High ponytail, curled or crimped.

STARSkate and Competitve Skate

Sea to Sand
STAR 3-8 and Competitive Skaters

Ponytails at crown of head, hair curled.

Neutral browns/Beige or pale blues for eyeshadow. Cheeks pink or plum, light pink lips.

Beige tights

Alyrra, Azura, Mia, Sadie, Sophie, Zoe

Black winged eyeliner, neutral eyeshadow, strong bronze or plum toned cheeks, choice of lipstick colour, but preferably bright)

Beige tights under costume