Live Mannequin Contest!

Enter at the Show for Your Chance to Win

The opportunity to be a LIVE MANNEQUIN at the Triple Flip store in Market Mall!

2 Winners will be announced!

Tickets are $2 for 1 and $5 for 3

Contest details:

Being a live mannequin lasts around 1 hour on either a Saturday or Sunday afternoon (the winners can choose whichever day is the most convenient for them). Each winner gets to choose one friend to come along and join them whether that is a BFF, sister or cousin. Each girl will get assigned a stylist to help them choose their dream outfit. They are encouraged to try on multiple “head to toe” outfits. All the store mannequins will be removed from the window so there is lots of space provided. Girls can dance around, perform tricks or pretend to be an actual mannequin. The girls will stay in each outfit for about 15 minutes and then change into their next choice. Parents are encouraged to stay and watch, take photos and / or videos. Once the hour is up, the girls are given 10% off their entire purchase if they choose to buy an item or an outfit of their choice.